About the Brand

Philippa Ellen Swim was founded the summer of 2021 by myself, Pippa. It has always been the dream of mine to create swimwear that isn't just swimwear. This is THE swimwear you won't even want to go swimming in.

Philippa Ellen Swimwear is inspired by all natural elements in the earth and found within the sea, from coral, to seashell patterns, to fruits. It doesn't make sense for the brand to be inspired by anything else. Beauty carved by nature. 

About Me

I graduated university with a first class honours degree in fashion communication, however due to the pandemic wasn't able to secure a job within fashion. After rejection after rejection, I decided I would create my own job within fashion. It had always been my dream to have my own label and thought there's no time like the present. After almost a year of designing, sampling and refining, I present to you Philippa Ellen Swim. I hope you will support the brand's journey into becoming a leader within designer swimwear. Thank you for all your support and purchases, as you're helping to make all my dreams come true.